• WTF Am I Doing Wrong?

    Let’s co-create your game plan so that you can ace the Sugar Baby game like a Boss

  • Tired of not making progress?

    Navigating the Sugar Baby Lifestyle can be confusing and frustrating.


    Most days you’re asking yourself ‘WTF am I doing!?!’


    Other days you’re wondering: ‘Why didn’t this Sugar Daddy respond back, he seemed interested when I first got in touch?’ Sigh*


    You may be feeling…

    • You’ve been going about this too long.
    • You are confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated because you have no idea of what you should be doing. And what you should be doing next.
    • You thought this would be easy at first, but now that you’re actually doing it, you don’t even know how to start.
    • You have no clue how to go about navigating this lifestyle and get success with it.
    • You know what you want but unsure of how to articulate it so that you actually get it. And asking for what you want is leaving you with coming up short.
    • Everything about it is leaving you perplexed. You’re downplaying yourself. Is it your age? The dating site you’re on? Your skin color?
    • Your dating profile is not attracting who you would like to meet.
    • You want help; but not generic advice or another book; you want a real, live actionable plan and someone who will break it down for you so you can implement.

    What if I could take the blinders off and reveal to you what’s missing from your strategy and why your wants, needs and desires remain unfulfilled.


    And then hand you a customized, game plan on how to implement it instead of just trying to piece it all together wishing for the best?

  • Working with you on my sugar baby game plan gave me a road map that I can follow!

    "Before working with you, I was lost, overwhelmed and spent majority of my time researching. I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know how to translate that. I felt my profile, how I was coming across, the dates I went on (what I was doing on them), and everything about how I was going about this was all over the place.


    Working with you on my sugar baby game plan gave me a road map that I can follow! I was surprised how well you focused on my goals of me being here to align it around me navigating the sugar life as I was clueless to how I was going to make this work. The plan itself encouraged me to think bigger from what I can actually achieve and cast a wider net that I wouldn’t have considered on my own. It would have taken me so much more time to piece it altogether and wasted energy focusing on the wrong things. But it was really the opportunity to talk it through with you that was priceless." Jasmine

  • WTF Am I Doing Wrong?’ is about giving you a Sugar Baby Game Plan, a Strategy, and also tactics you can implement.


    I’ll only give you a strategic plan that leads to immediate results and doesn’t keep you hanging in the air.


    WTF Am I Doing Wrong?’ is actually my coaching package with a very clear focus – identify and weed out your mistakes and missteps to point you in the right direction.


    We’ll analyze your Sugar Baby Strategy together to discover what’s blocking your success.

    • We’ll discuss and decide how you can effectively navigate the Sugar Baby Lifestyle to get the results you are looking to achieve. Goals will be yours, steps and strategies will be mine.
    • We can find ways to position yourself to attracting your Ideal Sugar Daddy. This will include but won’t be limited to: (1) how to ask for what you want or how to sustain your relationship with your Sugar Daddy (2) how to turn your Sugar Daddy into your mentor, (3) how to build wealth from your relationship to become financially independent.
    • We can create an exit strategy to make sure your future self is taken care of. And you can put in the effort once to be taken care of forever.


    This is a one-on-one, customized strategy where I co-create a game plan with you so that you never have to guess at any stage what your next move should be.


    Because trying everything doesn’t work if what you are doing isn’t the right way. There are only a few strategies that we must invest time in and I’ll hand-pick those for you based on your goals.


    Because no Sugar Daddy dating site will hand over your Sugar Daddy by putting up a profile alone... Finding and attracting the right match requires an action plan and that’s what we’ll nail down together.


    Because there are approaches that you haven’t even considered to getting what you want and/or more of it. Yes, even though you’ve been in it for long, you may be hustling over the wrong strategy.


    Because all those books lying on the shelf or locked inside the Kindle app are leaving you overwhelmed and confused.


    Or spend time working with me to craft your ready-to-execute plan.



    WTF Am I Doing Wrong?’ is not a generic, one size fits all advice. I will get you unstuck from the dilemma you are in right now.

  • Here’s what you get with WTF Am I Doing Wrong?

    A tailored strategy and action plan that is custom tailored to your situation for you

    An initial one-on-one consultation with me through a series of emails so I can get to know you, your goals, your lifestyle, and your situation. (In-depth focus on what you need to get you to the next level from where you are)


    Your Sugar Baby Game Plan crafted and delivered - where I break it down so that you can follow and implement explaining what to do and why, and how to replicate it in the future, so even when you abolish your current issue/dilemma, you can have a guide for future use.


    Your Sugar Baby Game Plan Delivered $197


    You can also Upgrade our coaching to include (1) 15min Private One-On-One Strategy Session with me to sort out any lingering uncertainty, issues you have to get immediately unstuck. Then one follow-up email with my cliff notes from our call.


    The upgraded Sugar Baby Game Plan Plus Strategy Session is $247


    (Click Here to Request My Availability)

  • You don’t need every gimmick under the sun to achieve the desired results


    It’s time to stop Sugar Baby Winging it and start winning it.


    You don’t have to stay on the sidelines while you watch other women live the life you want. Only to be left wondering ‘How are they able to get it right? WTF am I missing?’


    What you’re missing my SugarSister is a solid plan and strategy devised for you that can get impressive results once you implement it.


    I’ll give you a solid game plan from our call with cliff notes on the strategies I shared.


    For all that you need, I’ve got you covered:

    • Positioning yourself to attract your ideal Sugar Daddy and get what you desire.
    • Going over your profile that is not getting responses from your ideal Sugar Daddies and what to do about it.
    • Turning your relationship with a Sugar Daddy into a long-term one that goes beyond conservative allowances to funding your lifestyle.
    • Avoiding common pitfalls that can derail any serious Sugar Baby.
    • Upping your game to get more of what you are already getting.
    • Relationship not working out? We can get you back on track.

  • And here’s what you need to do next

    Fill out a quick form (because I really wanna know you to make sure I can help you).


    Request my availability (I’m limited to the number of people I can work with at a given time)!


    From there, you’ll submit your payment, fill out my Sugar Baby Questionnaire, so we can co-create your Sugar Baby Game Plan.


    After your Game Plan is delivered, if you chosen the upgraded package we’ll scheduled our 15-minute Strategy Session. And you’ll receive a follow up email with cliff notes from the call.


    If you want to hit the ground running and save yourself from months and years with trial and error…this is for you.


    Let’s create the strategy that you need to make progress with your lifestyle and get past that troubling issue once & for all.

  • This package is worth every cent.

    This package is worth every cent. I'm just still so amazed at everything you came up with and how quickly you did it. You obviously know what you're doing, have a ton of experience, and have a great mind for this kind of work. It feels inspiring, exciting, relieving, and grounding to have a plan that I can implement. I feel confident in asking, better at qualifying men who are a better fit for me, and contacting men directly doesn’t feel desperate to me anymore. I also feel that knowing what I know now will save me more time and get to that place I want fairly quickly. I wish I would have done it sooner! Jewels

    If there was a compass to sugar daddy dating…Taylor is it!

    If you're on the fence about working with Taylor, get off. Taylor’s insight, intuition and expertise will take the blinders we all have about sugar daddy dating right off and allow you to see all the paths available to you that you didn’t even know existed. When I first got my game plan, her ideas were in sync with my goals. And out of the box from what I was attempting to do, it blew me away. If there was a compass to sugar daddy dating…Taylor is it. This has literally saved me time. I’m not getting any younger. I've been trying to figure this out for years, and with one call, Taylor broke it down. Lisa